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Our Services

1. Procurement Service

Sixteeen Twelve acts as a buying /trading house primarily for its sister companies in West Africa and other clients.
Our network of suppliers and partners across europe to the far east of asia enable us fullfil our clients request promptly at the most competitive prices possible.
With a strong active versatile teaam who are proficient in various languages and from various nationalities we pride ourselves with the ability to ensure an urivalled sourcing and and supply of materials and services as required by our esteemed clients.

2. Developments

We focus on opportunities for development in the commercial and private property development market within the UK, US & West Africa.

3. Logistis Support

We provide logistics, protocol, and accommodation support for multinational clients.
Organisations require cost-saving support in areas where personnel embark on long-term business trips, workshops, training etcetera around the world.
With our access to the property market, we can provide quality pool logistics and accomodation support for organisations, this ensures huge cost saving benefits for our clients.

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